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The methods of launching a new product and/or service have dramatically changed over the past 5 years.

Gone are the days of the product launches of old consisting of a champagne reception at a swanky cocktail bar, or your local MP snipping a silky ribbon with a giant pair of scissors; all while the trade and national press look on apathetically.


bullet-1Product launches – they’re all about the customer!

As technology continues to offer exciting new ways to communicate, finding unique and engaging ways to launch new products to the press, your clients and customers have become increasingly challenging.

The most frustrating part is that once you do get your customer’s attention, you can often be forgotten within a matter of minutes since the never-ending flow of even “newer news” is always ready to push your announcement off the top spot and out of the customer’s mindset.

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At Amberry we understand that every Client is completely different.

The launch of each new product or service needs to be strategically planned, publicisedmonitored and evaluated to gain the maximum amount of exposure and generate that all important ‘buzz’.

In contrast to the tactics of old, product launches actually need to focus less on the product and more on the customer if they’re to attract audience attention. Your customer want’s to know …

–  What your product or service will do for them?

–  How will it affect them differently to other, similar products on the market?

–  If it’s a brand new concept, effort needs to be put into the benefits as well as explaining the features

–  Will they be getting value for money?


bullet-1I have a new product/service I want to launch – how soon should I start preparing?

When it’s pretty much guaranteed that hours, weeks, possibly years of hard slog has gone into your product/service thus far, it makes no sense to cut corners at the last hurdle.

Strategic planning is absolutely crucial and it’s never too soon to start the ball rolling, because …

“If you want it doing right – it won’t happen overnight!”


bullet-1What to expect from us?

bullet-point3   We’ll ensure your product is seen by the right people – on the right platforms – at every given opportunity.

bullet-point3   We’ll seed social media with strategic ‘leaks’ to provoke intrigue and build interest in your product launch.

bullet-point3   We’ll make sure that important influencers are made aware of your product/service and offer feedback if relevant.

bullet-point3   If it warrants, we can look to do something unusual that will help to create an electrifying buzz, such as a guerilla campaign or a flashmob!

bullet-point3   We’ll keep your press releases, social posts and case studies rolling, even after the official launch date.

bullet-point3   We can also provide printed sales collateral such as leaflets, application guidespop up banners and point of sale displays

bullet-point3   If you think you’d like to launch at a particular event or trade showwe can help with that too!



Talk to us about your new product or service launch!

Call us on 07873 684858 or email info@amberry.co.uk to discuss how we might be able to help you improve your visibility and give your product or service the great start it deserves.