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Do you work for a company that provides the most amazing products and services, but fails to tell anyone about them?

If you do, you’re certainly not alone. But solely relying on your sales force to verbally TELL people what you do and how you do it, just doesn’t cut it anymore.
You need to
SHOW them!


bullet-1Case studies and project reviews

case-study-project-north-westHaving been involved in the production of case studies for well over 20 years, we can completely empathise with the struggles companies often face when putting these projects together.

The initial research; the gathering of product/project information; the sourcing of personal testimonials; the capturing of professional quality photography; it all takes countless hours of time and patience.

Then there’s the copy writing and design elements, which need to be given just as much care and attention, if not more.

The creation of case studies also often requires the input of staff from a variety of departments within your business – many of whose time could and should be
spent doing their day jobs!


bullet-1Why do businesses still compile case studies?

Agreed, it cam take a fair amount of time to compile a good case study, but over 70% of marketers still agree that there’s no better way to demonstrate exactly what it is that makes your company tick; why you’re successful in your particular field; how you differ to your competitors; and what level of care and service a new customer could expect from you.

Source: DemandGen 2016


In a nutshell, case studies are well-written stories. They need to be visually compelling, entirely convincing and totally relevant to your target audience. But don’t forget that they also need to be functional and serve a purpose; to help drive market confidence and improve your sales.

For case studies to be effective, they should be specifically tailored to the customers you want to attract, as well as the customers you already have.  A one size fits all approach isn’t effective anymore.


bullet-1The savvy marketer’s secret weapon!

Hold on to your seats … this is by far the best bit …

Once you have all of the elements of your case study (project review) in place, it doesn’t just end there.

Now you can really maximise on your investment and re-work this information for a whole host of other multi-platform promotional purposes including:


bullet-point3Trade journal editorial

bullet-point3Press releases

bullet-point3Industry awards submissions

bullet-point3Trade exhibition handouts

bullet-point3Blog & news feed posts

bullet-point3Social media collateral

The added bonus for social media, online editorial and blogs, of course, is that it also helps to improve your search engine rankings by keeping your content fresh and relevant.

There’s no more cost-effective way of spreading your message and letting your audience know that you’re proud of your accomplishments.


bullet-1What other elements go into a good case study?



How can Amberry help you with your project or product case studies?

It’s SO easy!

You send us the basic project details and we’ll do the rest of the hard work for you. We can cover pretty much everything including:

example case studies
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bullet-point3Carrying out the research

bullet-point3Liaising with suppliers and obtaining customer feedback


Gathering relevant quotes, testimonials or endorsements

bullet-point3Creating and proofing all copy (or re-editing your ‘brain-dumped’ notes)

bullet-point3Producing (or else sourcing) project specific photography

bullet-point3Obtaining third party approvals

bullet-point3Making suggestions on which distribution channels to choose to maximise exposure

We can even source space in local trade magazines and online news feeds on your behalf!

We’ll completely take the pressure off your sales and marketing teams, yet still work closely with them to ensure we stay within your corporate guidelines.

And … because we’re fully focussed on your project, you’ll often get speedier results too, giving you peace of mind that your case studies are as up-to-date as they can be.


It really is that simple!

Call us on 07873 684858 or email info@amberry.co.uk and let us WOW! your audience with your next showcase.