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A picture really does paint a thousand words

But if the images you display within your marketing materials are below pargrainy, poorly lit or low resolution what does that say about you and your company?

No matter what the purpose, by using great quality photography in your marketing collateral, you can take any project to a completely new level.

Successful businesses take their reputation extremely seriously.

And the imagery used in their marketing collateral – such as website, banners, brochures and advertising campaigns – goes a long way to enhance their brand and customer perception.


At Amberry, we offer a number of business photography services to suit your individual needs. From corporate portraiture and head shots to corporate, commercial and editorial photography and image manipulation.


bullet-1Corporate portraiture & headshots

head-shot-photographer-manchester-commercialWe’re great at capturing crisp, clear, engaging images of individual people and groups.

These might be shots of key members of staff intended for use alongside advertorialeditorial and magazine features. Or even website bio’s and/or social media profiles.

More simply they might be used for identification badges, C.V.’s or online organisation charts.

We have a fully mobile set-up, including lights, modifiers and backdrops (including blue and green chromakey). The studio can be brought directly to you which can keep sitting time to a minimum.

From simple head and shoulder to wide angled environment shots, we’re highly skilled at fulfilling each brief we receive.

We’ll seek out the best locations. We’ll relax the subject(s). And we’ll capture the essence of each individual so that their personality shines through.


bullet-1Corporate & commercial and business photography

When generating new marketing collateral to help sell products and services, many businesses tend to resort to stock photography for their images.

photography-corporate-commercial-manchesterBut how great would it be to have a bank of images that are completely unique and tailored to your business?

Why just ‘make do’ with mediocre stock or poor quality phone snaps? Dynamic, eye-catching professional shots can make all the difference to how your customer perceives you and your brand?

bullet-point3Buildings & architecture (internal & external)*


bullet-point3Construction and civil engineering*

bullet-point3Training and development (how-to) processes

bullet-point3Live events and conferencing


Trade shows and exhibitions

*photographer holds a valid CSCS card for site access



bullet-1Advertising photography

photography-advertising-manchesterAdvertising photography (product photography) is a little different to corporate and commercial business photography. Simply because you often have to consider not just the product itself, but also how to maximise buyer appeal, the implied lifestyle and the concepts and ideas surrounding it.

Typically this type of photography is what you’d see in print advertisements, on billboards or as part of a large web campaign. And there will often be an area of free space within the image which is intended for the advertising message or slogan.

Together with your marketing team, we will work tirelessly to generate exciting, unique concepts for you and your brand.

We’ll help to develop creative ideas and visually inspiring photographs that will help your products/services take centre stage in your marketplace.


bullet-1Editorial photography

business-photography-editorial-manchesterEditorial photographs are more powerful than many would give them credit for. They tell a story!

Generally used to support editorial text in magazines and on blogs, or within case studies, they are more than just a detailed image of main subject matter.

They tell the subject’s story within its environment.

For example, the photograph might show:

  • racing cars on a race track with fans cheering on,
  • a window physically being installed into Mrs Jones home with her looking on approvingly,
  • hearing aids actually in the wearer’s ear.

This type of approach is also fantastic when used in case-studies since it’s great at stirring the imagination and evoking emotion.


bullet-1Image enhancement / manipulation

There may be times when the only shot you’ve got, is the only one you’re likely to get. Yet it’s not very good at all!

It’s too dark; it’s crooked; you wish the sky was bluer; if only that lamp-post hadn’t been there. And why did that pesky pimple have to erupt the night before your headshot sitting?

Don’t panic!  As long as the file size and resolution of the original image is of a reasonable quality (generally 500K / 150dpi), we can often work our magic and transform your business photography images into something you’re happy to share.

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Won’t commissioning bespoke photos be expensive?

Actually, not as expensive as you might think.
Call us on 07873 684858 or email info@amberry.co.uk to have a chat about what it is you’re looking for and we’ll put together some ballpark costings for you.