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bullet-1Hi! I’m Anne-Marie Armstrong


I’m a marketing professional, semi-pro photographer and the founder of Amberry Marketing.

Based in Worsley, Manchester (UK), I provide independent marketing support and photography services to a wide range of companies, both in the UK and abroad.

I’ve a proven track-record of delivering innovative cross-channel campaigns. And I boast over 20 years experience in creating strong, emotive brands and engaging content.

I’ve worked alongside a variety of companies – from small businesses & entrepreneurs to some of the world’s largest brands. I now provide practical solutions for my own client base on a freelance/consultancy basis.

Using a mixture of traditional, digital & non-conventional marketing methods, I help my clients to engage their customers, build brand loyalty, maximise on their marketing spend & ultimately boost their sales potential and profits.



Why choose to work with me?

My approach is kind of different to that of a typical consultancy firm. Not only do I impart the theoretical knowledge, but I’m willing to get my hands dirty as well.

My professional skill set is pretty impressive (even if I do say so myself) and my services can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. This is regardless of your industry sector (although admittedly I do have a very strong construction background).

People often ask me why I’m so diverse in my offering and the answer is simple.

Every element of the marketing mix is connected in one way or another. So it makes complete sense – particularly from a SME’s perspective – for one person to oversee the whole show.

Having a variety of different departments/agencies going about things in their own way is a recipe for disaster. Why risk potential repetition, inconsistency and costly mistakes?



Have you really got such a wide level of expertise?

Without sounding overly confident … Yes, I have!

  • You need a new product branding and launching into the marketplace? … I can do that for you! ✔
  • You’d like a brochure designing, printing and distributing? … Yep, that too! ✔
  • A trade exhibition or event needs organising, managing and publicising … Leave everything to me! ✔
  • Wish you could maximise on your social media presence … Not a problem at all! ✔
  • Maybe you need some urgent copywriting for an industry award or case study that’s completely slipped your mind? … So, when would you like me to start?!



Why I’m successful at what I do

  • I’m completely passionate about marketing – even moreso about helping businesses to succeed.
  • A shrewd businesswoman, I’d prove to be a valuable extension to your growing business.
  • I’m renown for my open, transparent and honest methods of communication.
  • I’ve unquestionably high standards and a key eye for detail – not much gets past me!
  • My forward thinking approach allows me to adapt to new & emerging markets/technologies. This enables me to keep YOUR business at the cutting edge – ahead of your competition.
  • My keen sense of humour and positive outlook keeps me grounded – even when things get a bit challenging!
  • And this is the one my clients love the most … YOUR budget is MY budget!  I don’t believe in frivolous spending & I’ll do my utmost to maximise any ROI for you.



“We already have an in-house marketing department / use an agency…”

That’s absolutely fine. I’m often commissioned to work alongside a company’s in-house marketing department. Or even take the reigns as a part-time / non-exec marketing director.

I’m simply there to guide and assist – not replace. I’m easy going and can gel with most personalities – including the challenging ones!



Amberry – the company

Over the years, I’ve been involved in almost every single aspect of branding, marketing and building a business from grass roots to the global marketplace.

I’ve suffered the pitfalls for myself and have learned a few very valuable lessons along the way!

However, I’m neither brazen nor foolish enough to claim I know absolutely everything about the discipline. And some projects are simply too big, or too complex for one person to cover alone – especially on a tight timescale.

Now and again I will call upon one or two of my trusty fellow professionals to assist me with third party services. Examples of which are things such as video/audio production, hard copy printing, offline advertising & trade media, 3D design, e-commerce etc.

My decision to establish Amberry as a ‘company’ is purely strategic. Developing a strong company brand now can only pay dividends for my expansion plans for the future.