How do you plan to grow your business?

Are you a small to medium sized business and looking to grow?


bullet-1Effective Networking

With all the other form of marketing I offer as a business, it would be unfair of me not to tell you about the method that primarily works for me – and that’s network marketing.

Whilst I used to be of the opinion that network marketing (or referral marketing as it’s also known) was basically a group of people who met on a regular basis, stood about, drinking coffee and generally wasting each other’s time – find yourself in the right group and it’s nothing like that at all!



As well as being a member of some smaller groups in the Manchester area, some of which are listed at the bottom of the page, I’m an extremely proud member of the BNI Royal Chapter.

BNI Royal is a professional referral marketing organisation based in Gatley, near Cheadle, whose primary goal is to help its members grow their businesses through the exchange of qualified word-of-mouth referrals.


bullet-1What makes BNI so unique?

What makes each BNI chapter unique is that only one person per professional category can be involved at any one time so that you have the full monopoly over your competitors.

Yes, it is very structured and there are rules to be followed – but that’s what makes it work since everyone is expected to give 100%.


bullet-1Let the figures speak for themselves

As the world’s leading referral organisation, BNI has over 210,000 members in over 70 countries worldwide.

In 2016 our group passed £1.07million of qualified referrals between its members and with 27 fully active members at that time, this meant that each seat at the table was worth an average £39,600.00.

This year, to the end of April our total already stood at over £0.5m, so we’re well on target to smash 2016’s figures.

Now … who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?


bullet-1Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

If you’ve never been to a networking event before, or you have and you simply thought it wasn’t for you, my advice is to give it a try again.

Today – people are really starting to embrace the power of network marketing and realise just how simple, enjoyable and effective it can be.

If your business is in the Manchester area – I’d love to invite you along to meet myself and the rest of the team at BNI Royal.

I can promise you that you’d be there in a guest capacity only – there are no funny handshakes and there’s absolutely no obligation to sign up to anything on the day!